A Doggie Dilemma

Readers of my blog will know that this is Bonnie my step-dog. She joined my family two years ago, when I got married, and she is step-sister to my cat Bobby (yes the story has been written and submitted!)

As you can see from the photo, Bonnie is a lab/collie cross and is the gentlest most loving dog...with people!

Unfortunately, she has an aversion to a lot of other dogs (especially those bigger than her or ones that run up to her) and so a walk will involve me scouting the horizon looking for other dog walkers and quickly putting her on a lead before the inevitable meeting.

I am afraid that I am now going to have a rant on my blog (an unusual occurrence). I can only do so much: walk at a time of day when we are less likely to meet other dogs, put her on a lead as a visual clue to other dog owners before we reach them, take her off the path away from said other owners and call out, 'Sorry my dog is nervous of other dogs.'

My question is this: Which part of these actions does the owner of the dogs who have been allowed to run at her despite these cues (visual and verbal) not understand?

I know a lot of you who read my blog are dog walkers/owners. Your comments would be appreciated.