Sugar and Spice and Some Things That Are Nice...

Friends, it's been a crazy two weeks!  Between getting sick, visiting with friends and family, and eating some really amazing food, I've been making gifts!

I'm terrible at remembering birthdays and sending gifts on time, so here is a little zippered pouch for my niece's birthday (that was last month - eeep).  It's the perfect size to hold all of the fabulous technicolor nail polishes I got for her :)

 My friend's baby shower was on Friday, and since she and her husband are both gingers, I made this little doll for their soon to be arriving baby girl.

 I used Simplicity 1900 for the pattern, and used embroidery for the eyes, nose, and mouth as instructed.  It's so adorable!

 I took a picture of her sitting in my cube at work.  Recognize the flower?  It always makes me smile :)

 I got to take a break from gift making to hang out with the fabulous Liz.  We went to the Randolph Street Market, where we both snagged some goodies.  Yay for finding vintage patterns in my size! 

 Isn't Liz the most fabulous dresser?  That coat is made of sunshine and dreams, folks. 

 Liz found this delicious teal box while we were there.  It was in fabulous condition!

 I also got to spend some time yesterday with my lovely friend, Jamie, who lives in Portland, Oregon.  We went running in the morning (OMG 4 MILES) and then got together later for fajitas and to watch Rumble2012 with Bill O'Reilly and John Stewart.  Love you, Jamie girl!

I am currently in the middle of working on my Red, White, and Blue UFO from July... and it's a doozy.  I think I just need to hem it and add a hook an eye to make it wearable!  Is it bad that after working on it through the entirety of North and South (with my favorite man, Richard Armitage) AND Restoration (Robert Downey Jr. in some seriously ornate clothing) that I just want to throw in the towel?  I think it's killing my motivation to sew.  Maybe time for a break to make some trousers or a blouse?  

Back to the grind, folks - need to make lots of goodies before Mama Grand comes on Thursday!!

Have a fabulous week, all!