Max's Junior Master Chef Party Theme

Most of the parents nowadays depends their party or celebrations through the restaurants with their party theme packages.  This is to avoid any hassle of tedious work of preparing the party itself. So, just like me, I decided to celebrate my sons baptismal and birthday in a restaurant. But of course we can only choose the themes that they have and having a personalized theme would be costly and also most of the theme packages were all the same.

I received an invite from Max's that they'll be having something for the kids, specially with regards to celebrations. I got curious so I confirmed my attendance and got even more delighted that I could bring along my kid. So without any hesitation I confirmed and attended the event.

Max's Junior Master Chef Party Theme was their newest offering for their customers who will be celebrating their special occasions with Max's. With my son and my nephew present in the event, we really experienced and enjoyed their theme party, the experience to bake, the ability to make a shake, plus kids got to wore an apron a la chef look with the paraphernalia. In totality the kids enjoyed it because this is not the usual party theme that they used attend with.


The baking session.

Here's what Max's says about this new concept of party theme.

Gone are the days when birthday celebrations simply required buying your classic chocolate layered cake and a bunch of brightly-coloured ballons. From princesses to super car racers, birthday party themes can be as adventure-filled as you can stretch your imagination. Planning the perfect party only needs a little inspiration and of course-a little outside help.

This is exactly what Max's Restaurant brings to the table when it decided it acquire the license for Juniour Master Chef-a stroke of brilliance to help create the most exciting and unforgettable celebration for young Max's enthusiasts. Like its adult counterpart "Master Chef," Junior Master Chef is a successful reality cooking show that has gained a steady following all over the world Junior Master Chef features kids who have the ability and passion for cooking.

Taking inspiration from the Filipino's inherent value for family relationships, Max's Junior Master Chef seeks to nurture every child's love for cooking and appreciation for food. With Max's Junior Master Chef, birthday parties will never be the same again!

Maki Showing the Cupcake that he made.

The Cupcake and the process.

"Kids learn best when they are having fun. With Max's Junior Master Chef, we did not only infuse learning into a party concept, we also provided the key elements for fun and quality family time. Our vision is to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will forever be etched in the hearts of kids and their families who will celebrate at Max's," share Bobby Simborio, Corporate Media and PR Manager for Max's Group of Companies.

It's time to do the toque and apron, and start whipping up the most delicious Max's Junior Master Chef creations. The recipes are easy, absolutely yummy, fun to make and even more enjoyable to share with kids, parents and friends!

Filipinos can count on the first-rate amenities and package inclusions, like tarpaulin banners, venue decors, party invitations, balloons, cake, party hosts, kiddie tables and chairs, games, prizes, lootbags and of course, sumptuous food! Max's takes all the worries away from parents by incorporating their passionate service into every birthday celebration.

While Max's Junior Master Chefs enjoy their culinary adventure, Max's kitchen is bustling with activity all day long. Smiling servers come out with tray after tray of Max's world-famous fried chicken that is, simply put, 'sarap to the bones'.

No celebration will be complete without a hefty serving of classic Filipino dishes that perfectly complement Max's iconic chicken. Dishes like Pancit Canton, Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata continue to delight diners, regardless of their age.

At Max's, food is not the only indulgence. There's laughter that always resonates in every function room and dining hall. "Max's is about a timeless tradition that links Filipino families together. We are stewards of the countless stories that we have shared with our guests. Our commitment is to continuously build the most unforgettable memories for every Filipino who will celebrate at Max's", Simborio said.

Get inspired with this exciting and exclusive tie-up with Junior Master Chef. Experience the most unforgettable birthday celebration for your little master chef.