Kraft Eden Sarap ng Pasko, Recognizing Moms

 Mommies are the life saver of Christmas, I'm a mom so I'm proud of it and I'm happy that Kraft thought of us the unsung heroes of Christmas. Yes we are the planner, initiator, and implementor of things that would make a family Christmas celebration worth remembering.

This year, as part of the 4th year celebration of Kraft Eden Sarap ng Pasko, mommies are recognized and for this year's theme is “Dahil Sa 'Yo Ma”. The event was launched at Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino Restaurant witnessed by media people.

Here's a clip of the TV commercial that will sure make viewers felt the warmth and love of moms.

The entire event was packed with different activities that praises the hard work of mommies during Christmas. To help them as well in having more options in preparing and decorating for the holiday season, short and fast workshops about decorating and gift wrapping was featured and of course what would be Christmas without the dishes for the Noche Buena. Special recipe of Chef Jackie and Roland Laudico was shared to media people and all present in that event, it is called the Crispy Christmas Parol Molo. Great for the coming yuletide season.

Kraft Eden Cheese has been part of our yearly Christmas dishes. I learned a lot from my mom and she has taught me a lot in which I'm applying now that I'm a mom already. Dahil Sa 'Yo Ma I'm a wonderful mom as well. Thanks Ma and thank you Kraft Eden Cheese for this wonderful recognition for all the mommies out there and thank you for continuesly making Christmas Dishes enticing to eat.

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