imollo, An Innovative Online Comm Tool

(From Left to Right) Tommaso Arciuli,  Marcello Reina, Raffaele Lafortezza, Gianni Serrano, Luca Amenduni
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The latest and most innovative online communication tool has recently been launched in the Philippines and it’s slowly building a local community of satisfied users. Developed by a team of experts in Italy, imollo dares to offer all the information exchange services you require through a single platform. It provides user-friendly, efficient, and free file sharing, data storage, and messaging in one application that essentially outsmarts and outperforms similar programmes.

Early Filipino adopters can now send files up to 500mb to one or multiple contacts in one ‘drag and drop’ flourish. No need to zip files in folders, no hassle in sending numerous emails, and no more time and effort wasted attaching files in batches. 500mb with every transfer – that’s about 5 times more than what’s possible with email attachments!

imollo also proudly offers its free cloud storage, ensuring that your most important files are always available to you whenever and wherever. This is an innovation that remains unmatched in the techie market today where most providers charge fees beyond the standard 2GB of free hosting.

imollo Ltd.’s Raffaele Lafortezza is confident you will love what imollo has to offer too. He encourages everyone to try imollo and experience the convenience of online information exchange. “Try imollo today and benefit from its efficient, easy, and free service.”

Discover imollo and be part of the growing community of users who no longer worry about potential virus attacks lodged in email attachments and unsecure file transfers. With imollo, there’s no spam and unwanted ads cluttering your inbox… in fact, there’s no need to constantly check your inbox for email notifications at all! The imollo application on your desktop allows you to send and receive things directly – no third-party applications, no zipping apps, and no email attachments. You send to your desired contacts and only your contacts send files to you. No weird requests from strangers. No product ads from online merchants. Even online messaging via chat is direct, simple, and professional. imollo is one programme addressing various online communication needs. It’s efficient, fast, safe, and absolutely free!

Visit the official website,, to download the application. For more information, follow imollo on Twitter (@imollo) and like the Facebook fanpage (

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