Chic Retreat

I'm still under the weather and having all sorts of technical difficulties today.  (When it rains, it pours.)  Makes me wish I had a place to escape to like designer Daniel Romualdez.  Not only is his new weekend home in Connecticut chic but it used to belong to fashion designer Bill Blass.  I love that he's now the caretaker to such a historic home.  (You can read the whole story here.) He called on his friend and landscape designer Miranda Brooks to pull the garden and exterior of the property together.  In case you didn't know, Miranda Brooks is also featured in  my book Creativity at Work which will be released next week which I'm very excited about.  But until then, I'm off to deal with my nagging cough and computer issues.  Later skaters. 

UPDATE: There were more photos in this post but I was asked by Conde Nast to take them and any others I've posted from Architectural Digest and Vogue off of my blog.  Going forward, I will no long be buying or promoting either of their magazines. 

A view of the Bill Blass decorated interior. 

A view of the Bill Blass living room. 

Bill Blass's bedroom. 

Top photo by Oberto Gili for Vogue