All About The Flannel

Friends, first of all, THANK YOU for all of your lovely comments on my UFO Red, White, and Blue dress!   It means quite a bit to me that you take the time to comment on my little blog here, especially when I've struggled to finish a project like that dress :)  Many hugs to you all!

Now that Autumn is officially here, and Winter is starting to creep in, I've pulled out the flannel stash because it is time to start sewing for warmth...

and by sewing for warmth I mean "sewing flannel tops with short sleeves."  Seriously, Meg, what were you thinking there?

I used Simplicity 1879 - Lisette Top that I love so much for this shirt, but I didn't have enough flannel for the longer sleeves!  I decided to just make it anyway and I can wear a sweater over it.

I used a fleece scrap for the front and back yoke facings, so this shirt is SNUGGLY.  The plaid doesn't match on the sleeves, but I don't really mind.  It fills a gap of comfortable and warm shirt that can be worn in public and not be embarrassing.

I've already worn it three times in the last three weeks so I'm thinking this might be a wardrobe staple for the next few months.  I wonder if I could style this to make it work appropriate?  Challenge accepted! 

Friends, do you sew flannel shirts to get you through the colder weather?

Have a great day, all!

PS.  Managed to figure out the Blogger issue - I ended up switching to Google Chrome and it's smooth sailing so far!