Movie Review: BWAKAW

Another indie film that hits the mainstream, Bwakaw is a critically-acclaimed first independent film by Jun Robles Lana. The film recently won the Best Actor Award (Eddie Garcia), Audience Choice Award, and the Netpac Awards in the Director’s Showcase Category in the 8th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

Bwakaw is a movie that I’ve thought of about greediness but I was intrigue and curious because the film is a drama-comedy. It tells a story of an old man named Rene who looks forward of his death. He thinks that it is too late for him to feel love and all that is to look forward to is death. Rene has a dog named Bwakaw, who follows him wherever he goes. Bwakaw is Filipino slang for greed.

For an average viewer who’s not well aware of the present issues in the society, this movie will be just another sad and funny movie to watch and enjoy but for those who truly knows what is happening this could be an eye-opener and a lesson as well.

I would rate this movie a well rounded good for story and great for their acting.

Aside from Garcia and Princess, the dog, “Bwakaw” also stars Rez Cortez, Gardo Versoza, Bibeth Orteza, Soxie Topacio, Allan Paule, Joey Paras, Beverly Salviejo, Soliman Cruz, Bibeth Orteza, Luz Valdez, Jonathan Neri, May-I Fabros, and Ms. Armida Siguion-Reyna. “Bwakaw” hits cinemas nationwide on September 5, 2012.

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