Mary Allen Studio Tour THIS weekend!

We're extremely excited about this upcoming weekend as it is time again for the Mary Allen Studio Tour!  

Hours this year will be... 
Saturday, September 29th, from 10 am - 5 pm and
Sunday, September 30th, from 12 pm -5 pm.
(Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!)

We've been spending LONG but ENJOYABLE hours in the studio getting ready for the tour and experimenting with some new design ideas.  It's been such fun.  Once again however, thumbnails are  worn down to the skin as they just don't make it through all the filing and polishing! Ah, the trials and tribulations of being jewelry artisans!

Here's a "peak" at some of the jewelry we'll have available during the Studio Tour.

 As for fused glass art, we've enjoyed making some new pieces for this Studio Tour as well...

This weekend is also special in that Sunday, September 30th, is my birthday.  I always loved that my birthday was in the fall...I remember many a birthday party spent raking up a huge pile of leaves under the big maple tree and everyone jumping into it over and over and over again! September 29th was also my Dad's birthday and it was always so much fun to share a birthday cake together and celebrate "our" weekend.
 So this year instead of raking up a big pile of leaves to jump into, we'll open up the doors and welcome all you art aficionados in to share with you our newest creations, some stories, some laughs, and some smiles.

Happy Birthday, Angie!