Chic in Milan

The fashion flock have moved onto Paris but let's take a minute to review some street style looks from Milan. The main problem with most street style looks is that people are trying too hard.  I've chosen these ensembles because they actually look relatable, even the colorful ones.  And while most of us wouldn't leave the house in a crop top you could replicate a similar look with a longer tank or throw a blazer over a crop top for a more modest look. 

I need this dress in my life!

I also need leather leggings and picked out this pair from Vince

For the record, I don't advocate smoking. One reader accused me of being a smoker because I posted pictures of people smoking which I am not.  People in Europe smoke, that's just the way it is.  

The clutch is the bag of choice during this fashion month.  I'd carry one too if I had a car and driver to stove all my other stuff but until then, I'll continue to carry a tote. 

This is one of my favorite looks. 

This is the most covered up I've ever seen Anna Dello Russo!

The colorful mirrored sunglasses in many of the pics are from Spektre

While every street style photog snapped the girl in the red dress, I think the girl on the right looks chicer!

Ciao Milano!

Photos from Tommy Ton, Phil Oh, Harper's Bazaar and The Cut