Best Buys at SM City Manila 3 Day Sale!


A more than hour ride from our house isn't hassle at all as long as there's a sale that I can check out and be glamorous with this discounted clothes.  So for this specific sale of SM City, I make myself available and rush together with my hubby at SM City Manila.   Quite far but it's okay as long as I get something good from it. 

I'm not really much of a Manila girl and I don't know how many times I have been to SM City Manila but I'm pretty much sure that I'll get lost when I'm left alone by my husband.  So, I make sure to cling enough on my husband's shoulder.
So anyway, we head on with the sale and started to move box by box, I think.  It was really jam packed.  It's like EDSA with a heavy traffic!  Of course everyone is on the race in getting those good buys.  Sales are not only on clothes but also on foods and other materials.  As we check the items on sale there were 10% to 70% discounts but the most prominent is the 50% off.    Good enough to save more!

Want to know more what happened during the sale?  Here are more of the pics and help me create it in your mind.  

So what do you think of this?  Did you rush in to SM City Manila?  What did you get? You can share it here if you want.