Alpha Mayle

I was excited to read on Refinery 29 this morning that Jane Mayle is collaborating on a five piece bag collection for Club Monaco. The fashion flock will be rejoicing for sure. This also is the perfect opportunity to look at some old and new photos of her West Village apartment. 

The five Mayle bags will be priced from $195 to $595 and will be available in Club Monaco stores and online beginning on October 3, 2012. 

Jane at work sketching for Club Monaco. 

Remember this famous photo of her shelves from the September 2007 issue of Domino?  

Another photo from the Domino spread by Athur Elgort. 

Some new shots of the same West Village apartment from Here We Go Now

An old Mayle moodboard. 

Jane in front of an old Mayle moodboard. 

Another old Mayle moodboard and logo below.