The Reunion Press Conference

The mood for a nostalgic trip down memory lane fills in the entire Dolphy Theaer as the cast of The ReUnion set foot on the stage for some witty and informative inquiry of the press. The Reunion is Star Cinema's next offering, after the suspense-thriller, The Healing which was directed by Chito Rono that marked the long-awated bigscreen comback of Batnagas Gov. Vilma Santos.

This is believed to set the right mood for teenage memories and its an ultimate 'barkada' movie event of the year. Gathering four of the most promising actors of their generation, namely Enchong Dee who plays the role of Lloyd, Enrique Gil as Bogs, Kean Cipriano as Pat, and Xian Lim as Joax. Together with them as their love interests are Jessy Mendiola, Meagan Young, Julia Montes, Bangs Garcia and Cristine Reyes. The movie is directed by Frasco Mortiz who is noted for his hilarious handling of the ABS-CBN gag show “Banana Split”. To complete the whole cast are Matt Evans, Tom Rodriguez, Joseph Marco, Ivan Dorshner, Alodia gosiengfiao, Gina Pareno, Kakai Bautista, Louise Abuel and Brian Santos.

The movie is about the adventures and misadventures of the four main character which was reunited after seven years after high school graduation. Together, they discover that they have become losers and agree that they fix their live if only they can undo their mistakes which was breaking their girlfriends' hearts. It is a fun-filled story of friendship, love and life.

Here are what these actors and director says about the movie.

According to Direk Frasco “The movie will presnet the journey of a high school barkada who reunited after so many years to trace back their live and search for the things that went wrong and the peoplethat they've hurt in order to change their future.” Also “It's a male barkad youth comedy that will provide fun and laughs, tears, lessons in friendship and more,” and he added that “Plus a soundtrack that will be enjoyed not just by the young ones but also by the 'young once'.”

Enrique said “It's like the 'Bagets' of the new generation, so expect a lot of comedy It's a tale of friends simply having fun.” While Xian said “I really hope that a lot of people will get entertained with our movie. It has a great cast and an equally great director.”

“The Reunion” will be shown on cinemas nationwide on August 15, 2012.

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