Movie Review: The Healing

I am not very fond of watching suspense-horror movies, though I don't scream that much but because the movie was from the Star for All Season, Governor Vilma Santos, I decided to give this suspense-horror movie a try.

From the title of the movie “The Healing” or by just reading it would give you an impression that the movie was about the healers or the faith healers which most of the unfortunate people goes to whenever they feel sick or with a health problem. It's because this is the only alternative that they have to cure their illnesses and for the fortunate ones this is the other way to heal their health condition.

Since I'm not well versed with different suspense-horror movies I might just have to inject my observation regarding the movie. First, I'm not really sure about the relationship of the crow in healing but it sure does makes a creepy idea about it. Second, the scene of the doppler ganger showing up was something likely in the movie “Feng Shui”. Perhaps it was influenced by that since Chito Rono was the director. Third, it has an interesting story line and perhaps according to my level of knowledge about horror and suspense. Fourth and the last, the movie was color coordinated. Over all, it was a great suspense-horror movie to watch for.

“The Healing” has two ratings, the PG13 and R18. This gives you, movie goers, more freedom on which version to watch. If you feel like watching the obscene and gory part of the movie, then take the R18 and if go with the PG13.

“The Healing” was starred by Governor Vilma Santos and together with Kim Chiu, Martin Del Rosario, Mark Gil, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Ces Quesada, ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Abi bautista, Joel Torre, Chinggoy Alonso, Mon Confiado, and Carmi Martin, Pokwan, and Ms. Janice De Belen and was directed by Chito Rono under Star Cinema.