Mariel on LOL (Love on line)

Last week I got an invite for the press conference of Mariel Rodriguez.  I am so excited to attend this event because I'm a big fan of Mariel Rodriguez back then when she was still in ABS CBN.  The only thing that bothers me is that what's the press conference is all about since it is not disclosed pretty well.  I think it is a surprise!

When we got there it was really a surprise because it was something new because Mariel Rodriguez will be hosting another upcoming web TV show on pinoyRealTV.  It is an online TV show that will be air on the internet at  The show is entitled LOL or "Love on-line".   The show is simply want to inspire people that love exists and according to Mariel, "In this modern world of exclusive dating and living in, I suggest taking the plunge when you know it's love.  That's what I did and everyday I'm living that life.  This is my new life - being the wife of an action superstar, the wife of a Muslim.  My new web show is about our differences, our similarities, our everyday life, and our journey together.  The show reflects the world as I see it.  And my world is Robin Padilla."

Mariel came from a reality TV show that give her an edge in hosting but this time it's a different kind of hosting because she'll be featuring their life and she'll showcasing a better insight about their love life.  More of showing why they are so in love with each other.

So better watch this on line. They will feature this every sunday, just log on

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