Finally part of the cool kids club...

...and knitting my first scarf.  Hooray for knitting classes!

Tonight I learned how to cast on and do the garter stitch.  Apparently I am really drawn to long tail casting on and I fall into the "Continental Knitter" category.  This is good to know since it definitely explains why teaching myself was not working!

My yarn is Malabrigo pure merino wool in "nostalgia."  I have no idea what that means, aside from the merino wool part, but doesn't it sound pretty????

PS.  The colors above are my Fall Palette - everything I've sewn in the last two weeks has been in this range of colors, so the scarf will work with my wardrobe perfectly once I'm done.  Yep - I totally planned that :) 

Raise your hand and wave it around if you are a knitter!  Woot woot!