Cha Cha Canete as Bulilit Rockstar

As a mommy, I know how it feels to have a gifted or talented kid.  It really makes the whole life happy and very great.

Last Wednesday, I attended the launching of Cha Cha Canete's first album entitled Bulilit Rockstar.  Cha Cha is a talkative and full of energy kid and it does shows also when she performed.  As we all know, Cha cha is one of Goin' Bulilit kids who is so cute and brings a good line in comedy.

According to her uncle, Cha Cha was discovered because of her noisy voice in one of the cafe in abs cbn. She was turning 4 when she started at Goin' Bulilit and then she became one of the cast in a show "5 and 1/2."  Until she made the commercial of Camelia Homes and that's the time that she was known as "Bulilit".

And now the "Bulilit" herself, launched her first album entitled "Bulilit Rockstar".
 The album consists of nine original tracks plus 10 bonus tracks.  Even before its official launch, it has received positive responses due to its high number of sales in Astroplus and Astrovision in the past four weeks, I think she is included on the list of top 10 for OPM.

Aside from her regular appearance on Goin' Bulilit, Cha Cha also hosts the travel show, "Biyaheng Bulilit" on Studion 23 with Yachang and Tatay Nishii.

Her humor and innate charm was first notice in this real estate TV commercial that caught everyone's attention.

Here are some performance of Cha Cha during our interview with her.