Amorosa: The Revenge Bloggers' Conference

I'm a kind of person that is always afraid when it comes to horror. I am really scared!   When the topic is about ghost or something else that we cannot see, I usually tell that I don't believe it because I haven't seen any of those.  Not really sure what would be my reaction if I've seen  one.  Hopefully I won't see any!

Whenever I watch horror movies on the big screen or on the television I would scream.  I know it's not that could to know that I'm really scared but it's something that I should really need to overcome.  That's why recently I'm trying to watch horror and suspense films.  Apparently, I should be ashamed of myself because I keep on telling to my son that he shouldn't get scared of those movies because they're not coming out and they're not real, but deep inside I'm really scared.  

Just attended recently the Bloggers' Conference of Amorosa and according to Star Cinema this movie has something extra ordinary because it is not just an ordinary horror film that will scare the people out of their seats but it also has a drama injected in it that tackles about the family.

The movie "Amorosa: The Revenge" is under Skylight Films that brought us the horror movie 'Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang'.  Skylight Films is the newest unit of ABS-CBN Films.  According to Enrico Santos of Star Cinema the unit has already been established since last year 2011 but it was just recently, 2012, that it became active in filmmaking.  "Skylight Films is consider 'maindie' or mainstream-indie film unit of ABS-CBN.  It is different from Star Cinema.  The movies created are different, it is also different from the usual family dramas of Star Cinema.  It is more edgy.  Not as experimental as the indie films of Cinemalaya but it is still an indie though the unit would also want to reach and entertain the mainstream audience."

According to them Skylight Films is more on experimentation, trying different techniques and approach in creating unique films that will give an edge.  This creative experiments would sometimes get to be a hit but Skylight Films will still be on its aim of creative experiments.  Like in their latest offering the "Amorosa: The Revenge" the approach here is a psychological horror movie with the element approach of a family drama.  

The movie "Amorosa: The Revenge" is starred by Enrique Gil and Angel Locsin together with Martin del Rosario, Empress, Carlo Aquino, Ejay Falcon and intorducing Jane Oineza.  Also included in this movie are Franco Daza, Nico Antonio, Jairus Aquino, Mosang, Richard Quan and a special participation of Xyriel Manabat.

"Amorosa: The Revenge" is directed by Topel Lee and it will be shown on cinemas on August 29.