30:60 and Sew Weekly: Project 12: Sunshine and Sleepytime Sorbetto

Friends, I really love when I can complete two challenges at once.  The Sew Weekly theme this week is "Yellow" and I happened to have some of this amazingly soft knit leftover from my Now and Then outfit.  I used almost every last bit of this fabric, but I was able to squeeze out a Sorbetto

I have another knit Sorbetto in my closet that I wear CONSTANTLY.  It comes off my body, goes into the laundry, gets washed, and goes back on my body.  A fabulously comfortable cycle, really.  I made that one out of a jersey pillowcase so I knew it was possible to make a knit Sorbetto out of an even smaller amount of fabric than usual.  I mainly wear the knit Sorbetto around the house and to sleep in, and I thought it was high time to add another to my collection.

I love how this version turned out!  I love the neck and armhole bindings, especially.  They match up in the front and back so very well.  I attached these using the Renfrew cuff and neck binding method - it saved so much time and hand stitching that I would have felt obligated to do.  Overall, this took me about three hours.  That's probably because I was distracted by the Olympics.  These things happen.

I've already started sleeping in this, so I can tell you that it is just as comfortable as I had hoped.  I see several more of these being made in my near future!

Hooray for comfortable scrap busting! 

Friends, have you ever made a knit Sorbetto?  Let me know below - I would love to see your versions!