Bring On 2012!

Friends, remember that time I talked about goals and resolutions and all those other things that come along with starting a new year?  It's that time again to reveal my goals and resolutions....


1. Stop (or at least reduce) my street confrontations.  Hard to imagine, I know, but I have the temper of a very mean spirited donkey.  If I see a drunken jerkface on the street and he is jaywalking in front of the car but not nearly fast enough, I let him know.  Even if I am sitting at a stoplight.  No filter at all, I'm telling you.  Apparently Mama Grand thinks she is going to get a call from Rob that I've been stabbed, so in an effort to extend my life, I've decided to bite my tongue a little more often.  And try not to get stabbed.  I think that's a good resolution.

2. Stop biting my nails.  This has only been my resolution for ten years, so we'll bring it back for good measure.


1. Play a French song on the guitar.  I've been taking French classes for about three months now, and received the Pimsleur French audiobook for Christmas.  I've had a guitar since seventh grade and have not learned a song on it yet.  This is the year, I swear.  I would really love to learn how to play this song before 2012 ends:

Catchy, isn't it??

2. Use every sewing pattern in my stash.  I have such a large collection and I think it's time to explore those patterns that have been getting dusty for a long time now.

And finally....

3.  Wear something me-made/altered/refashioned every day.  I'm giving myself five vacation days that will give me a chance to do laundry/whatnot and wear things that might be getting neglected in the closet.   So, for 361 days I will wear something that my hands have touched.  Will there be documentation? Of course, but only at the end of each week.  You and I would both get sick of my posting photos every day, I think.  Oh yes, and those fabulous new undergarments that are currently on my sewing table TOTALLY COUNT.  Winning.  (There will be no pictures of said undergarments on my actual body because Mama Grand would have a heart attack ... and we love Mama Grand.)

So, Friends, those are my goals and resolutions for this upcoming year!  What about you?  Do you have any resolutions or goals in mind?  

Have a fabulous day all, and stay warm wherever you are!!