The McCalls Summer Pattern Collection

Friends, patterns are like candy.  Sweet, sweet candy that come in all shapes and sizes and in any color or feel you want.  Big pieces, little pieces, tender morsels for that special occasion or your everyday staple.  I love patterns.  Pattern sales at Hancock Fabrics will kill me every time because there is always something to be made or dreamt of...

Except this time.  This time the candy was a big bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and I got "grass" "porcupine" and "wingnut."  Nothing tasty to be had!  Let me explain...

The Vogue collection also featured these crazy hip pockets/wings/parachutes used for slowing down race cars...and I am still not a fan. 
 The short version of this dress is okay, but I am just not seeing the long version working.  I'm sure I can be proven wrong on this one if someone made a fabulous one, but honestly?  I feel that with a pattern you already have, you could lengthen a bodice to dress length and add ruffles.

This is boring, but I understand that sometimes we do need the staples in our wardrobes... I don't feel that we should have to pay $12 for a basic pattern, though. 

When I see this, I think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman... before Richard Gere starts buying her clothing.
Infinity dresses are neat...but I've found tutorials online for these.  If you want to make one and you have some fabulous fabric screaming to be used, check out this tutorial from Sew Like My Mom.  Her steps are clearly outlined - love! 

Another Julia Roberts "Pretty Woman" dress...I like the version without the cut out best, but it resembles many other sheath dress patterns.  If you like the cut out, it would be a worthy investment, but I'm afraid I would lose things through there.  Or, I could look at it like another storage area.  Like a purse.  Only it can't be ripped off my shoulder.  You know what? Strike that, I love the cut out.  I'm going to build a zipper compartment in there, I swear. 
Whoever designed this pattern should be ashamed.  I know they googled "Pillowcase Dress" and then decided to print a pattern based on someone's tutorial.  Bad McCall's - I expected better from you.

I felt strangely let down when I saw these patterns.  I get so excited when these emails come out, because after the fabulous new additions to the Colette Pattern line, I had high hopes that the other pattern companies would step up their game.  I am going to keep my fingers crossed that the next email celebrating a pattern collection will contain peppermint patterns and sour patch styles and not ABC gum.

Friends, I would love to hear your opinions on the styles McCall's has put out.  Do any of them ring your bell?  Make you cringe?  Let me know!