Framing Fused Glass

This past week, I have been spending time making some new fused glass pieces and framing them. I enjoy changing focus from creating jewelry once in a while and seem more drawn to making fused glass art pieces these days rather than fused glass jewelry. I am excited to continue experimenting with "kiln-carving" glass. When the glass becomes soft in the kiln, it will mold to whatever shape it is lying on. I bought some textured kiln shelves and lay my collaged glass on them so the design would embed itself in the glass when fired. You can see the textured glass in my new triptych called, "Yellow Serenity."

Back in another life, I had a picture framing business. My "signature" style of framing is triple matting with the same colour of mat. It seems to work for most artwork as it provides depth without taking away from the focal piece.

I made a similar piece with green glass. Thinking of spring, I guess!

I'll continue with the series, making one in shades of blue and try a few with iridized glass.
Here are a few framed collages that I sold at the December studio show.

So today its off to Ikea to buy some more frames, and then to the One of A Kind Show in Toronto to take in all the wonderful creativity and to visit Sue McNenly who is one of the artisans at the show, selling her beautiful silver metal clay framed vignettes.