Three Little Pigs

There has been a theme around here lately. Our most favorite story is the Three Little Pigs, hands down. We love the story told in any way and from any perspective. We have the traditional story, of course, where the Big, Bad Wolf comes along and causes all sorts of trouble. Then we have A. Wolf's version of the story in The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs. It's only fair.

As you know, my little guys have creative minds. When  Big A was asked to write his version, the pig ate the three little dogs.

Now, momma is in on the action. I just bought some lovely Japanese fabrics. Trains are a big part of our lives.

Little pigs are too. I haven't decided on what to make with this fabric but I think that it's darling. Any suggestions?

See you! I hope to get back on track soon. [I hurt my left wrist and it is healing.]
xo, L