Spring Break

While in Toronto over the spring break, Auntie Linda, tried her best to get a photo of nephew Jack Oliver with her own two kids. It is nearly impossible to photograph these three at the same time but I keep trying. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never get a "perfect" portrait shot and that that's ok. Aren't they silly?

I did get to sneak out on my own. I just love to hop onto the streetcar and travel around town. Why bother driving when there's public transit? Of course, I visited some of my favorite places. The Paper Place is near and dear to my heart. What a fab place. Go to my other journal and check out the Japanese watermark tissue dress. Awesome! I always love the colors and the designs of the stores along the way. They give me inspiration.

the workroom is a funky fabric shop/sewing studio. I'd love to visit everyday and just sew all day. Oooh, I love the green work tables.

Yes, I need to get out often to see the world. xo, L