Lancaster, Part 2

Several of the big winners at the Lancaster QHC show were winners from the NJ show that I went to a few weeks ago. The beautiful work above is from Barbara Lies, OCD Meets SAD.

I love the colors in this mod little quilt, Desert Study II.

The workmanship on the following are so beautiful. The quilts are classic yet fun.

Crossed Palms, Marcia M. Lentz

My, That's A Lot Of Yella, Fay and Merl Pritts

Daisy Dance, Kathy Munkelwitz

Balloon Quilt, Janet Sutton

Threaded Wedding Ring, Geri V. Ford

There was a terrific little display of mola quilts and designs.

This floral one is so pretty. Dahlia Reflections, Barbara Barrick McKie

Look at the color in this one!

There were a lot of miniature quilts and the craftsmanship was amazing. Just look at this mini crazy quilt. My Petite Victorian Image, Ellen Purdy.

More fun color! Bold and Blue, Marla Hattabaugh

I also ran into a lot of friends. Susan Faeder didn't disappoint with her beautiful Japanese fabrics. She offers tours of Japan. Check out her site for details.

This week has been a crazy one. Hopefully, I'll wrap this up in the next post! 
Still more to come ...
xo, L