Still Here

I'm back and full well into 2009. I'm not so much for making resolutions but I always have a sense of renewal every year around this time. I go into a cleaning binge and try to de-clutter. I think that it comes from the fact that when I was young, we were always told to have the house clean by Chinese New Year.

We had a rough couple of weeks with a couple of health issues. One of the main ones was the presence of whooping cough in my 2nd graders' class. He was sick with a virus and didn't have the pertussis but he did sit diagonally from one of the classmates who had it. In the end he ended up with a three week vacation [2 over the holidays and an extra week off] and a week-long dose of antibiotics.

I spent some time crocheting. I'm self-taught and I don't think that I've ever really done any crochet except a few granny squares. Well, I ended up crocheting Mario and Luigi softies, starting a lacy crochet cell phone case and finishing this cool scarf. The pattern is actually just a stitch pattern called Queen Anne's Lace and it looks more difficult than it really is. I'll have the pics for the others soon enough.

Meanwhile, I am bracing for the cold spell that will hit the east coast by the end of the week. I hope that you've all had a fab start to the new year. Back soon. xo, L