So Satisfying

*Note: I edited this post ever so slightly because the earlier one didn't flow quite as I liked.
In the past year I made a point of making more personal gifts more than samples. It was therapeutic and a terrific means for me to express thanks for all of the little gifts of love and support that I received. One of these special projects was a beautiful scarf designed by Kim Hargreaves and knit with Rowan Cocoon. I almost didn't want to part with it. The scarf was so soft and warm.
It's going to be a handmade year. I'm going to put out a few free projects soon. Hopefully, you'll be inspired enough to make some for yourself or for gifts. Some designs have already been around and there will be a couple of new ones. Stay tuned in the next few weeks.
Back to Quilt Market for a second. My friend Karla of Sweetwater Street and I always have great little talks through the day during market. She has these cool labels, beautiful fabric and quilt patterns. Check out her designs. I met her at my very first market. She only designed quilt related items at that time and then she went into the world of scrapbooking. She's now combined the best of both and is designing really cool labels that you can order. You'll love them.

I always enjoy running into quilt shop folks. I love their enthusiasm. Here are the folks from Spool in Philadelphia, Pa. I've only been to their knit shop, Loop, but I'm sure the fabric sister store is as gorgeous as the first.
I just love running into people in the aisles. Everyone's having a great time at the show and we're all there to be inspired.

I met Sherri [above, left] and Sandi [below] at the airport in Atlanta last year. They were super nice and we had a great time at dinner. Ladies, I'm sorry that I didn't get to spend much time with you because I was only there for a short time this year. I was running around trying to accomplish a few things in particular. Unfortunately, socializing wasn't at the top of the list! Next year!
The ribbons at this booth were gorgeous. I am a ribbonaholic. Is there therapy for this sort of problem?

The products at Quilt Market are an endless source of inspiration. I didn't even get photos of everything because I started running around for my appointments at this time.

The ladies at Stone Creek Creations manufacture these nifty little totes for storing your tools. They had a really cute booth and an adorable little girl in a big chair. It reminded me of the kids' show, "The Big Comfy Couch". They gave out these cute headbands with feathers [as shown in her hand]. I couldn't believe that they women and men wearing them throughout market. My little one has been wearing my bright fuschia colored one and hopping around like a bunny. So funny.

Have a great weekend. I'm going to get some rest. We have been sick with colds all week. We are turning the corner now and hopefully it will be out of our systems by Sunday. Both of the boys are participating in their first tae kwon do tournament. xo, L