Lovelies On My Desk

I'll get back to a few more Houston photos later in the week. For now, I need to do some work. I need to do a bit of catching up because I'd caught a cold when I was in Houston.

Meanwhile, I am working at the wee hours of the morning and trying to distract myself by looking at the little things that I have around my desk. I picked up that frame at the top for my cork board at an estate sale about 12 years ago. The glassware is a bit newer. I got them at anthropologie. The most beautiful item is my tall vase. It is a ceramic piece from Kosoy and Bouchard. I love it and I love their whole line of ceramics. Their pressware line is to die for. I wanted to buy a few pieces when I met them at the One of a Kind show in Toronto but I knew the realities of having the pieces in my home. My little boys would somehow introduce themselves to the pieces. I'm sure that my little one would make a new home for his Bakugan balls if I'd treated myself to the flat plates or put his rock collection on top of it.

Yesterday, I went to grab Alex's jacket and it felt as though the jacket weighed 20 pounds or so. I discovered his love for jagged rocks and hence, his new collection in his pockets. Yes, this is the same child who took a Sharpie marker and colored my dashboard [fyi, Magic Eraser works wonders in erasing it all] and wrote on my light beige carpet with it. I am told that I shouldn't be mad or surprised because "he takes after me". I won't tell those folks who told me that they're right but between you and me, they are right. He's fiesty, artsy and gutsy. I have no one else to blame and I'm not mad.