Is There A Doctor In The House?

I am feeling better but I still sound like a loud, barking seal. Do I have any readers who are doctors or nurses [or anyone else with a cure]? Please, tell me of a cure for this hacking cough. I will love you forever.

I have worked through all of this though. It has been tough keeping focus on everything but I have done two interviews in the past month and I have finished two book proposals. Phew!

Have you started making gifts yet? Of course you have! (wink!). If not, then I am sure that you'll only have time for quick little gifts from here on in. First, did you check out the birdies that I designed for Quilts and More back in the Fall 2008 issue?

In the same issue there was the cool little crayon holders that I designed. I love those and plan on making a few to give away to the wee ones in my life. I used my Gardenia fabric in this one.

I also think that pillow ideas are quick and easy designs that you can make. I made the one above a while ago with my Funky Flowers fabric. It's so bright and happy. I'll highlight a few more ideas in the next few days. I have my sister, bil and cute little nephew visiting this weekend. I can't wait. I hope that you are all having fun prepping for the holiday weekend. xo, L