Trying To Work

I am trying to get some work done. After all, Quilt Market is about two weeks away. Lately, I have been getting my groove back. This may sound weird and is perhaps more info than you need to know about me but anywhoo ... I am finally dreaming again. I design from my brain. Nothing gets done unless it's laid out in that noggin of mine. That's probably why I can run around like a mad woman and get errands done. I think and think and think. Ok, sometimes I think too much and then my head feels like it's going to explode but getting my dreams back makes me productive. Ideas will literally pop into my head while I am in the shower. It is as though my head is my sketchpad. I did sketch on paper at one brief moment in my life but generally designing and problem-solving is done in my head and then I sketch out the proposal pretty much in its final form. I must be an editor's nightmare at times. [*Don't take this literally! I'm just having fun at my own expense.] I know that I drive the folks at the fabric company nuts because it is tough to get it down on paper. [Note to KJ: I am working at it and I think that I can get things down on paper for you!] Thankfully they put up with me. Thanks!

Let's move on to lighter and more creative stuff. I made these last year for the boys' bathroom. So cute, huh? I used my Funky Flowers fabric and cut silhouettes from plain black fabric. Then I fused and framed. It's a quick and easy decorating idea and also a great gift.

A few people wondered what my chocolate colored powder room looked like. It used to be blue with beige wallpaper. The former owner had more conservative taste. Wouldn't she be surprised to see it now. Sorry the pic is not that great. This room doesn't have a window.

Gotta pic up Little A and then back to work. xo, L