Lucky Me

My friend, Amy Butler, sent me this special book yesterday. So lovely. The designs are wonderful and they make me want to [almost!] have another baby. I don't review a lot of books but I have to say that I love this book. She has a wide variety of designs ranging from simple blocks to a couple of her awesome bags. I love the "Everything Bag" and I'm going to make a few for gifts. I am going to make the "Cheeky Monkey Laundry Bag" for my boys because they wanted that one the moment that saw the photo of it. 

Amy's directions are, as usual, great and detailed. The styling and photography are gorgeous. I would definitely recommend this for all sewers. The designs are versatile and lovely.

I am off to Houston tomorrow! Yippee! I'm so excited.

xo, L
p.s. The card and envelope are from her stationary line. Beautiful.