Work and Play in Ohio

I thought that it would be fun to show you a photo of the setup at Checker. I was there to promote the two books, "Cool Girls Quilt" and "Sew Sentimental", that I had written for the wonderful folks at Martingale/That Patchwork Place. All of my samples from "Cool Girls Quilt" are shown above. [I had to re-arrange the area later to look like the booth in the previous entry because the event coordinator had mistakenly told me to hang my stuff there. The photo from the last post shows everything in final form.] Everyone loved the brown bag shown hanging from the rack. The store owners were all excited to see a book with so many terrific and diverse designs. To a designer, that is a wonderful compliment!

I must admit, I was happily surprised that so many people walked out the door with a copy of "Sew Sentimental". There are lots of designs for sewing projects beyond the application of sewing to scrapbooking pages. I poured in lots of love and affection to this project. The two pillows on the silver rack are from this book. I designed a few quick and easy to sew projects for gift giving. Run out and buy one. Then come back and tell me how you liked the book. Better yet, make something from the book and show me!

We headed home early Tuesday because I wanted to stop by a place that was suggested by my friend, Amy Butler. Go to Chagrin Falls in Ohio and make sure you go off the beaten path to Daisy Hill Greenhouses. It is worth the drive. Indeed it was. The falls in Chagrin Falls were relaxing to watch while we enjoyed some treats.

The buildings were quaint and picturesque. It looks and feels much like Clinton, NJ where I live. The charm and beauty of these little American towns is so special.

The flowers on the street are so vivid and they add so much to the town atmosphere.
Wouldn't you love to see this outside your home?
We spent a few moments in Chagrin Falls. What a quaint little place. Though I'm generally a modern kind of girl, I also love and appreciate vintage things. Let me tell you about this fabulous shop in Chagrin Falls. It is called Stash Style and it is so inspiring. There's so much to see in this beautiful place and they sell AMAZING cupcakes. Now I know what all of the fuss is over red velvet cupcakes. Yum! Yum! The displays in the shop are delicious too. I managed to buy a few small items and, oh yeah, a little rocking chair! Reno, surprisingly, didn't give me that look that he normally gives me when I am trying to do something crazy like stuff 6 big chairs from a rummage sale into our little SUV. Thank you for that sweetie.

The displays are works of art! I had to keep the kiddos outside. Mommy can't afford to pay for the goods if the kiddos topple this beautiful table over.

Did I tell you that I am addicted to old frames? Buy a frame and put cork behind it or paint wood with blackboard chalk to make a terrific message board.

You will have to check in again soon for more inspiration from Chagrin Falls! It's time for me to get some beauty rest. You know, two posts in one day can kill a girl.