It's so hot, hot, hot!

It is hot, hot, hot outside! Peony is from my mom's garden again. I love this color and the flowers are so lovely and delicate.
I am trying to focus on updating my website and blog. See that flickr badge over there? Yeah, I am behind the times when it comes to this but I am learning!

I have enjoyed the process of creating a lot more. I am currently knitting something to actually gift to someone. Haven't done that in a while. Usually I am up to my eyeballs in making book/magazine samples!

Speaking of knitting, I stopped in at one of my favorite and inspiring spots in NJ. Here's Justine in all of her pregnant glory. She owns Angelfire Studios in Basking Ridge. Justine, you look awesome! On the one hand, I envy her because I loved being pregnant; on the other hand, I can't imagine being pregnant with the heat. I always comment about the color and inspiration that she has going on in her store. The best way to describe her store is to say that it's colorful, funky and tasteful all rolled up in one.