Happy Independence Day!

Happy fourth of July! I just returned from a trip to Washington, DC, Annapolis, Maryland and Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The Smithsonian Institute in Washington is truly a national treasure. The exhibits are first rate and they're free. The walk all around the entire area from the Lincoln Memorial back to the Air and Space Museum is quite a hike but worth the effort.

I love to walk around Washington and wish that I lived in an urban setting with lots to see and do for the family every weekend. I have NYC and Philly nearby and appreciate them but I do miss city living!
I remember when I first went to Washington. Dh was doing some work with the FBI and I had two days to explore the city. I stumbled upon the Itchiku Kubota exhibit and I was inspired for a lifetime. I sat in front of the breathtaking landscape of 45 hand-dyed kimonos and I cried. The passion and dedication that he had for his work was beyond words. Mr. Kubota developed what he called Itchiku Tsujigahana.
I just discovered that there will be an exhibit of his work in San Diego, CA and Canton, OH at the end of this year and early next year. You wouldn't want to miss this if you live in either city.