Zucchini with Toasted Almonds

Now, I’m not going to go off on some philosophical tangent here, but there is something really so perfect about a pair. Yin and Yang, night and day, Fred and Ginger, coffee and donuts, Harold and Kumar, strawberries and champagne. Two things that go together so well that the sum is altogether a different creature from the parts, something more, something better. It really is quite mysterious and beautiful how the one can reach across the void to the other and find a match so unquestionably right.

Ok, I have no idea where that came from. Most probably from the vestiges of my sub-consciousness...you see I’m still in my pyjamas and halfway through my coffee so I can't really be held responsible for these pre-coffee thoughts. In any case, a perfect pair is a pretty magical thing, in life and in food.

(and then you have chocolate...which can go and take over the universe all by its little self...but that would be for another post...)

I love two-ingredient recipes that work. When two ingredients complement each other so brilliantly that you feel like you’ve just struck gold – these are precious moments in gastronomy. Even if everyone yawns at your happiness with a bored “been there, done that”, you still can’t help but marvel at your luck. Of course, there is also the small factor of ease of preparation...and clean-up :) In these hectic times not something to be discounted!

This perfect pairing is brought to us by Deb of Smitten Kitchen, whose photos are as luscious as her writing. Really dangerous stuff on an empty stomach. Lots of recipes bookmarked from her you can be sure, but (surprise!) it’s the easiest one that gets test driven first.

The recipe is enticingly simple – you toast some slivered almonds in a pan with some oil. When it’s all nice and tan, toss in a bunch of zucchini matchsticks and cook for just a minute. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy immediately. You can find Deb’s original recipe here.

Oh the beauty of it!

Simple, delicious, elegant, vibrant. A perfect pair.

Lots of work to do today. Plus errands. Plus dinner. Plus brainstorming for a small but exciting new project. And miles to go before I sleep. I think it’s time to get out of these pyjamas.