Breakfast #19: Mixed Fruit Yogurt Parfait

I didn’t want the week to end without showing you what I did with the rest of my blueberry syrup. You may want to make a nice breakfast over the weekend after all and I want to make sure you have not one, but two suggestions from me :) One rich and decadent, the other lighter, though certainly no less decadent (or less pretty).

Layering in a glass has been all the rage for a while now, and as usual, I am quite late in jumping on the bandwagon. But that has not stopped me before, and it certainly won’t stop me now, or ever :) Call it what you will…verrine, parfait…serving sweets or savories this way gives you a great visual representation of flavor/texture contrasts. Plus, it’s a pretty nice way to have your yogurt :)

It’s no secret that I love yogurt, and that I am always on the prowl for the thick creamy variety I used to have in Greece. I was over the moon when found this one. I was even more thrilled to find a local dairy farm** that makes their own Greek-style yogurt!

And did I mention that mangoes are in season?

So this may look like a simple mixed fruit yogurt parfait, but really what you are looking at is fate in a glass: a brilliant surprise from the market, the season’s darling in fruit, a creamy yogurt long sought-after, and my favorite granola to make things interesting. Seek and you shall find they say…I certainly did :)

No recipe here. Just go to your farmers market. Find some fruit in season – one to make into jam or syrup, one that begs to be eaten fresh. Chat with the purveyors. Get the best yogurt you can find. If you live in Greece say a prayer of thanks to the yogurt deities. Make your own granola (it’s easy!). Pat yourself on the back. Showcase all this in the way they deserve – so that each brilliant layer can be admired (syrup/jam, then yogurt, then fresh fruit, then yogurt, then granola). Sit somewhere where you can see a little sunshine (I live in a little 3rd floor flat in a cramped city, no garden, no balcony, so no excuses…even the tiniest ray will do!). Dunk your spoon in all the way down. Enjoy. Really, I mean it. Stop thinking about what you are going to wear tomorrow or if you have time to gas up the car. Enjooooy.

Happy weekend everyone!

**Rizal Dairy Farms makes Greek style yogurt. It’s thick and creamy and delicious! You can find them at the Saturday Salcedo Market in Makati, or at the fresh produce open air section at Market! Market! Taguig.

I just remembered! I have made a layered dessert before! :)