OMG! It's December!

Where does the time go? I can't get over the fact that Christmas is only a few weeks away. I had so much to do for business this weekend but since I had visitors, nothing was accomplished. Not a problem. I took our cousins, Helen and Angie, from Australia shopping at Short Hills Mall. It's nice to watch other people shop. If you have ever been to this mall, you'd understand. Let's just say that Tiffany's, Anthropologie and Jimmy Choo were the stops along the way. We had loads of fun and it was great getting to know them. Of course, they think that it is cold here. Oh, yes, it is veeeery cold here in the good ol' USA. I won't tell them that there was a foot of snow in Canada. They'll have to see it for themselves when they go up there in January.

We sat down on Sunday afternoon and made these sparkly little gems. It was all fun and messy and I suppose that I should have let them use washable paint. Instead, I gave them shimmery-really-tough-to-remove-even-with-nail-polish-remover ink. Hey, no pain, no gain. The ink along with using Martha Stewart's fabulous glitter, gave us sparkly and colorful ornaments.

It's so easy. Buy some plain glass ornaments and drop some ink into them. Add a load of glitter and swirl around. Place a cotton ball at the open end while you are swishing the ink around inside so that it minimalizes the leakage of the ink and prevents it from getting all over you. Let them dry and there you have some oh so sparkly tree ornaments!