Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the land of antibiotics and inhalers. I've been sick over the holidays but it hasn't completely stopped me from enjoying visiting relatives. My mom, brother, and aunt are here and it's been nice to have them here.

I've been watching and reading about the year in review in the news and in magazines. Lots of milestones in the world and it is no different for me personally. This year was forgettable and yet unforgettable. I lost four special people in my life within a six month period - my dad, my grandmother, my father-in-law and his brother, Uncle Joe. I've missed them all especially over the holidays but I've been blessed to have had them in my life.

From a design perspective, it has been the best year for me. I worked hard last year so that much of the work could come to fruition this year. I've had four and a half [contributed to the latter] books published, lots of magazine and fabric work. I thank all of the wonderful people in our industry for supporting my visiion and I especially thank all of you for coming along for the ride! Here's to a great new year.

xo, Linda