Flickr Favorites

I just joined flickr... (as if i needed another website to get endlessly sucked into)... i've been finding so many amazing artists and images on there. Some of my favorites are below... (And if you'd like to check out my images please visit: )

Titled "sumi showpaper". Posted by Lukey Dargons.

Titled, "Lupita." Posted by A Bird In The Hand (Lisa Congdon of Rare Device)

Detail of a silkscreen print by Providence artist, Pipi Zornoza. Hung as part of "The New Witch" exhibit at Paper Boat Boutique in WI.

Soap and screenprinted box made by Providence artist, Zander Marro for Paper Boat Boutiques show, "The New Witch."

Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching's House. Posted by Indie Craft Documentary.