Why Shipwrecks?

Perhaps you are curious why I decided to name all of my necklaces after shipwrecks?

Here, my darlings, is why:

*I grew up by the ocean and spent all my summers gazing out at the sea.

*I loved collecting sea glass and combing the beaches for whatever the sea might leave for me.

*When I first began my jewelry line I needed a way to categorize and name my pieces but assigning them arbirtary women's names didn't appeal to me.

*Around the same time I happened to be watching lots of public broadcasting shows about deep sea dives and whales and shipwrecks... I was mesmerized by the lost treasure that was being escavated from the wrecks! I started imagining a jewelry line that could look as magical as if it had just been recovered from the bottom of the ocean.

*The name Paper Treasure also made me think about including some kind of extra special paper-related packaging or keepsake... hence the tags that come with each necklace bearing a little information about the shipwreck it was named for.