I have had one of those unbelievable summers. Unforgettable but forgettable. I just came back from Toronto and back from being bedside at another gravely ill relative. Then there was the funeral. Yes, this has been the year of four funerals and a wedding. I think that I now qualify to be a funeral director. I'm good overall except for being so very tired. All of this travelling back and forth to Canada has wiped me out. Six trips in five months has really thrown my body and mind out of whack. I really need a vacation now. London, Spain or France sound great right now. At least I need some fiber inspiration right?

Well, here's some yummy fiber-related stuff. I needed a distraction when I was in Toronto and stopped in at the local knit shop, Village Yarns [www.villageyarns.com]. The shop is filled with inspiring fibers and samples and the staff are oh so friendly. Patrick, the bundle of energy who works there, designed this simple but funky shrug. I am knitting my shrug in a beautiful chocolate color in the fabulous Fleece Artist Kid Silk. Thanks for the inspiration Patrick! [Photo credits: Patrick Madden]