Around Town

I have been in Pembroke and Toronto, Ontario Canada on and off for the past few months. It has been nice and relaxing [perhaps I am in denial of the looming deadlines and the entire fall season] but we also have a house closing at the end of the month.

I have been wandering around Pembroke these past few days in between some work. Look at these fabulous murals. They're on the buildings in the downtown core. Aren't they marvelous? Of course, there has to be one with hockey.

I love the colors in this one and it's so cool how the artist incorporated it into the side of the building.

Most of the murals show the history of the city. Lumber and forestry are a big part of the history of the city.

I can't imagine the work that went into putting these up. It would have been interesting to watch the entire process.

Some interesting tidbits:

1. I think that the actor Tom Green, ex of Drew Barrymore, was born here.
2. I was not born here.

3. Pembroke is the site of the first street lamp in Canada and the first town to have electric power for commercial use.