Coming Home

This is the time of year when I have some major deadlines. Crunch time.

I am finishing up a book and a few things that I was asked to contribute to another project. For one of the projects, I was asked several questions about my career, inspiration, etc. Funny thing. as I am sitting here I realize that my designs and perspective are evolving.

I started out designing quilts with bright fabrics and simple graphic designs. The books that I will be doing this year finally reflect what I love. Does that sound weird?? I think so. I will forever love clear, saturated, bright colors. I think that I started out that way because I'm not a painter and I don't care for [but respect] the traditional fabrics even though there are many beautiful ones on the market today. What I love even more [and have always loved] are the funky bohemian looks that come from Alexander Henry. I also love some of that vintage charm that permeates our industry. I also love anything cutsie with an Asian touch. Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, and Winnie The Pooh are very different in Asia. I also love Pucca and Kerokerokeroppi!

Don't get me wrong, I still love brights. I also love the dramatic designs of Tricia Guild. If my co-inhabitants were neat and dainty, and promised to not launch themselves off of my furniture ever again, I'd love a bold black and white tufted sofa or a deep fuschia or kelly green and chocolate interior room. Alas, it doesn't look as though it will happen anytime soon.

I was interviewed recently and my answers surprised the interviewer a bit. I don't have any quilts hanging in my home and I don't wear a lot of handmade knitwear. I think that it is the process that I love. I usually have so many things going on in my head that I am amazed that it hasn't exploded ... yet. My living room is painted in "parisien taupe" and I have these fabulous black and white photographs that were taken by my brother Robert and his friend Pete. Pretty blah for one who designs in vivid colors, huh? The interveiwer said that she was shocked when she saw my knit projects for my upcoming booklet, iKnit. I think that she was expecting fuschia purses and chartreuse scarves. Instead, my first knit collection is fairly sedate but still exciting compared to my initial designs in the quilt industry.

I can't wait to show you iKnit. It should be available anyday.