Blogger Postcards from the World

One of the amazing things about having this blog is how much I have discovered and learned...much more than I ever expected at the get go. I have found wonderful recipes, gained invaluable kitchen wisdom, but best of all I have met (in person or not) great people. And all of this mostly by chance wanderings down this cyber-highway.

One such chance wandering led me to find Meeta of What's for Lunch Honey? and her genius event called Blogger Postcards from the World. The concept? Very simple. Just buy a postcard, post about it, then mail it off! Meeta gathers all our names together, scrambles them up, and then matches them at random. Now, I love sending, and receiving, postcards, and it was a great way to discover more fellow bloggers, so this was definitely something I wanted to join...It's a good thing I discovered it just days before the deadline! Go over to Meeta's to see who else is joining!

Ok, now for the postcard...what to send, what to send? I know this is probably the most typical postcard you can get from the Philippines, but I love this island (Boracay, pictured above) and it is where I got married :) So a little bit of my country (more than 7000 islands...and this is just one of them!) and a little bit of me (I'm an island girl through and through), all in one postcard, ready to be sent out to my mystery recipient!

Thanks Meeta for hosting such a fun event!