80 Breakfasts is featured in Pinoyatbp!

Wasn't I surprised and so thrilled when, wandering through my comments here, I discovered this one:

"Hi! I was browsing through the different food blogs looking for a site to promote on the launching of our community blog when I happened to encounter yours. I was wondering if it is okay with you if we included you as our featured blog section since the topic for our launching is food? We at http://pinoyatbp.fil.ph would appreciate it very much! Thanks!"

Oh, my little heart was tickled pink! Would it be ok to feature my blog? Sure!!! Oooh, I'm still blushing :-)

Pinoyatbp (meaning Pinoy at iba pa, loosely translated to mean Filipino and more) is a Filipino community blog which aims to link Pinoys around the world through the wonderful medium of blogging. They already have a varied group of writers (a lawyer and doctor included!)...all Filipinos from different parts of the world.

Check them out here...and don't forget to look for their sweet comments on 80 Breakfasts on the sidebar :-)